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    dreamexch,casino theater,junglerummy,Switching Cabinets

    Switching cabinets «ready to plug in» - from pre-fabricated standard cabinets to the complete individual customer solution, all from one source.

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                              • In our product range, you will find all versions from pre-fabricated standard cabinets to integral solutions individually tailored to your specific requirements.

                                The pre-fabricated standard cabinets are particularly suitable for smaller machines with 2 to 3 axes and smaller lot sizes. Along with the hardware, the cabinet also includes software, which generally only needs minor adaptations to operate with the machine. This solution can be enhanced for up to a maximum of 6 axes. Of course, we also produce control cabinets which can be individually customized for your requirements (number of axes, design, adherence to specific regulations, etc.).

                                1. Regardless of whether the solution is an individual one, or a standard cabinet, all cabinets undergo exhaustive testing and the software you have defined is uploaded into the system, so that all you have to do is connect the cabinet to the machine. For machines which feature an integrated switching cabinet, we also provide solutions with mounting plates.

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